For those curious and adventurous this region offers activities in a natural environment as well as routes that hold true treasures


One way to enjoy the natural environment is to practice outdoor activities, learn about the environment around us, disconnect from routine, slow down to pay attention to our surroundings, get away from noise to listen to nature, hear the voice within us.

Bird watching

Extremadura can be considered one of the European regions of greatest importance for birds, a true ornithological paradise fostered by the excellent conservation status of its natural habitats and by the high diversity of existing landscapes. The high snow-capped peaks of the Sierra de Gredos, the vast grasslands of the penillanuras, the untouched forests, the endless meadows, the abrupt mountains that break and support the landscape, the large reservoirs, rivers, streams and the vast and varied expanses of crops, are a very favourable environment for birds, finding suitable habitats to establish.


The Aldea del Cano reservoir, also known as the Nogales reservoir, is located just over 1 km south of the town. It dates back to 1988, when it was built and conceived to support irrigation in the area.

The water is provided by the streams of Santiago, La Zafra, La Zafrilla, Nogales and La Cuesta, which run over extensive oak forests. The outcrops of large granite boulders characterize the landscape of the area, emerging even over the waters of the reservoir like islands.

Valdesalor reservoir. It is located 23 km south of the city of Cáceres in Extremadura. Fed by the river Salor gives it part of its name.


The rut is the season of heat of the females and males of the deer. The rut period occurs between the first week of September and the first week of October, in deer living in the Mediterranean climate.
During the rut season of the deer, males lose a lot of weight as a result of lower food intake, as they devote most of their time to agonistic behaviors or ritualized struggles, that is, the males fight each other without reaching a dramatic end, the winner will be more attractive to the females, as it is a sign of having a good genetics and a strong health, so the females will be attracted and will want to copulate. These behaviors are mediated by sex hormones.
Only the males have antlers. This is not perennial, but falls at the end of the winter and grows back for the next rut. The growth begins in February and, by the month of July is already formed, but it will still be covered with a fine hair that must be detached in August.

Fuentes del Trampal Spa Resort

The Fuentes del Trampal Spa has a spring with ferruginous waters, that is, with a high iron content. Year after year, many customers return to treat our waters. The use of the Waters of the Spa is so old that no one knows how to say since when they take advantage of the properties of this Spring.

Properties of Ferruginous Waters: Ideal for iron deficiency, skin problems and diets to lose weight, as they are toning. Improvement in deficiency and weakness, especially when it is due to lack of iron, such as anemias or bleeding. It is also ideal for periods of convalescence. Developmental disorders, convalescence and hyperthyroidism.


The landscape is vertebrated by numerous paths, paths and ropes, which allow the visitor to enter in remote places. Ancient paths like the Silver Way, where walkers stop to contemplate this land and take a well-deserved and pleasant rest. Through the thematic routes we will discover the treasures that this region holds and the riches it contains.


Vía de la Plata


Ruta de Los Molinos


Ruta del Jamón


Ruta del Queso

Walking routes

Make some of the best walking routes in the region. Follow the itinerary, respecting the environment and consult the recommendations of other users.

Bike routes

Bicycle enthusiasts in its different modalities will be able to carry out different routes with different complexity, benefiting from the priority that has been given to this sport in roads and roads of the region. This has made it possible to increase the safety of cyclists and to encourage cycling in the region.

Motorcycle routes

Make some of the best motorcycle routes in the region. Follow the itinerary and respect the environment and check the experience of other users. Don’t forget to inform yourself and comply with traffic laws when driving motor vehicles.

All-terrain routes

Make some of the best off-road routes. Follow the itinerary, respecting the environment and check the experience of other users. Don’t forget to inform yourself and comply with traffic laws when driving motor vehicles.