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Get to know Extremadura and enjoy rural tourism in the Sierra de Montánchez y Tamuja region

La terrona, a county to be discovered

This magic county formed by extensive undulating plains from Cáceres to the rivers Tamuja and Ayuela, forming a pseudo-steppe habitat, guarded by dense meadows that keep centuries-old jewels. Witnesses of the proliferation of a rich fauna and flora that coexist with the human being and their extensive use of the land.

Crossed and mottled by several reservoirs, ponds, fountains and streams that quench the thirst of those who pass by and others who stay watching. From the natural watchtowers, fall the dreamlike dusks that mark the cadence of the sinuous passage of unshakeable time.


Learn and have fun with the best company


Magical places to break the daily routine

Places of interest

Historical environments and cultural milestones to understand our past

Regional festivals

Sharing and connecting with a popular culture that gives life to our peoples


Walk trails to the corners where you can meet the sunset


Taste traditional dishes and pinchos (free tapas) and learn about their preparation

Charming Accommodations

The best accommodations located throughout the region, ideal to relax and rest under the hospitality of our hosts

Activities and routes
not to be missed

Take advantage of a sunny day to watch birds, listen to the rut under the full moon or climb up to the natural watchtowers and contemplate an unforgettable sunset, are some of the activities you can discover in this wonderful county


Montánchez Castle is a privileged spot for observing the night sky

Commitment to our environment

The preservation of our natural treasures depends on our responsibility

Ecotourism of quality

The region and its surroundings have a wealth of wild flora and fauna, where we can enjoy a quality ecotourism with bird watching, visits to monuments, natural parks and protected areas.

Bird watching

Where to find us?

Our region is located in the golden triangle of Extremadura, bounded at its apex by three impressive cities: Trujillo, Cáceres and Mérida.

Sierra de Montánchez and Tamuja County